Do we need physical perfection?

Do we focus too much on physical perfection? It does not matter what you say, I still think that we focus too much on physical perfection. One of the new starters at charlotte London escorts has got this rather long scar on her leg, and the girls are really hung up about it. The poor thing had a car accident when she was young, but despite that she has made a success out of her life, and is one of the top London escorts at our escort agency. It seems that the gents who date don’t mind, and we should all learn from that.

Most women are so hung up about looking perfect all of the time, and I have started to wonder if that annoys a lot of men. One guy I used to date at London escorts told me that he felt slight worried about taking me out. I asked him why and he told me that I looked too perfect. That one comment taught me a lot, and ever since then I have been trying to relax my looks. Let me put it this way, I have gone a lot easier with the hair spray. Is it true? Can beautiful women make men feel less secure about themselves? I often wonder if this is true.

Maybe this is why the new girl at London escorts is so popular with the gents. They don’t see her as intimidating or anything like that. I have to confess that she is one of the most relaxed persons that I have ever met, and I think that helps her a lot when it comes to working for London escorts. She is indeed very chilled out, and I even feel more relaxed in her company. Still, the other girls at London escorts seem to only talk about her scar. What they should be doing instead is to ask themselves why this girl with her scar running up one leg is so popular. What is it about her that gentlemen really like?

That is what I have been asking myself, and I have come to realise that perfect looks do not always attract others to you. You need to have that special something to make it big at London escorts, and I guess that is exactly what she has got. Will I ever be able to find my special something? Since meeting our new girl, I think that I am on my way there.

For the first time in my life, I am learning how to be myself when I am on London escorts dates. I thought that I was doing that but all of a sudden I realised I was not doing that. This girl managed to talk about her love of feeding ducks to this high profile businessman. He hung on every word that she said, and did not look at her leg once. What can I say … I obviously need to start to bring my personality to work with me, and get into feeding ducks.